Welcome to the unofficial Genius Bar of Chamonix, for Macbook (Pro, Air, Retina) and iMac repairs

Easyclix repairs many Apple computers on all the Chamonix’Valley, and is operational for most “standard” repairs on iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini and all other Mac computers (from 2005 to 2013 included on Hardware and software only for the latest models).


Battery Replacement on Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models in Chamonix

It is possible to replace your battery on most models of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, released before 2013, just to have a new autonomy when you move with your Apple laptop computer !

The new battery order generally takes 96 hours between the order and the delivery date. Thereafter, we only need an average of 1/4 of an hour to replace it. Tell us the model of your Mac by providing its serial number or by giving us the numbers written on the back of your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.


Macbook Pro or iMac Hard Drive Repair

One of the most frequent breakdowns, especially on Macbook Pro still equipped with HDD hard drives type, these, by dint of being transported, very often lit, eventually flank and must be replaced after a period between 4 and 8 years …

In addition to the basic capabilities of providing the same kind of hard drive (HDD 500Go or 1000GB / 1TB), Easyclix often offers the holders of these mac to take advantage of it more than today, in switching to the SSD hard drives, in order to increase the power of your Macbook or iMac computer, and to take advantage of it to switch to the latest version of OS X at the same time.


Reinstalling OS X on Chamonix : few possibilities offered

Easyclix has in his workshop all versions of OSX, starting from 10.2 to 10.12 (at this point of the time).
We can give you the version of your choice, or the most up-to-date version (depends on your Mac, its performance and its specificities).

The operation usually does not take a very long time, and in case of system failure or blockage we can often succeed in completely unlocking your OS X operating system, without loss your data.

If you are an owner of a Time Capsule, we can also redeploy the latest backup to your freshly reinstalled OSX operating system, and re-import all your data, settings, applications (if they are ok for compatibility) and your full session user.


How to Boost an Apple computer in Chamonix ?

Easyclix knows 2 ways to improve the performance of your Mac:

1) Boost the RAM, this operation helps your Mac to be more faster if it has several applications launched, go from 4g of RAM to 8gb or 16gb of RAM (depending on your processor).
2 °) Changing the hard drive and switching to the SSD Hard drives, greatly multiplies the performance of your Macbook, iMac or Mac Mini, impossible to go back after that operation (or you will take an HDD just to save your datas sometimes or store your videos) !

With these methods, Easyclix will transform your old Mac (max 5 years) into a new one, as powerful as the latest models on the market, for much cheaper !


Password Session recovery of a Mac on Chamonix

If you have lost your personal password of your mac principal session, Easyclix knows how to work around this problem, on any Mac with the OS X system, and we can do that modification to renew it in a few minutes under your eyes.

Caution : we can not find the password of the EFI of a Mac if there is one saved on this component, or the password of the account Apple if the Mac was blocked remotely. We will ask you in any case for explications of these password concerns to ensure that you are the owner.


Replace the Superdrive unit by an hard drive

If you have a Macbook Pro model A1278 (Macbook Pro 13 inches from 2009 to 2013) or the A1286 (Macbook pro 15 inches of the same years), you have what is called a Superdrive player unit (your DVD drive unit). With the evolutions of the Apple Cloud and other services related to the Internet and the downloads, this DVD unit is practically no longer used, and it’s more interesting to replace this useless player with a large capacity hard drive (like a 2Tb drive).

Easyclix can achieve this transformation and thus save you considerably in internal storage capacity.


Removing Malwares from an Apple Computer

Since few years, Apple computers know the same problems as computers equipped with Windows : they arrive to take malwares (unwanted programs, often fraudulent, which lead to untimely advertising or programs telling you that your Mac is infected by viruses and Must therefore be cleaned).

Easyclix can remove these malicious elements and can teach you to non get any more that undesirables programs, and you do a mini-training not to get caught on your favourites web browsers (like Safari , Firefox or Chrome that are likely to take unwanted extensions).


Installing Windows on a Mac (prestation only in Chamonix in our workshop)

For some reason(s), it is sometimes necessary to put a Windows installation on an Apple computer, there are 2 possibilities to install it, depending on your needs, the 2 solutions are different but can lead to obtain the desired functionalities.

1°) With BootCamp, we can install Windows in the same way that OS X is installed (in Dual Boot therefore, with a choice to do at the system boot).
2°) With virtualization, we can install Windows under the OSX system, like a program to launch directly under the Apple OSX operating system.

We can install a Windows 7 or 10. You will have to pay in addition to the rate of the license conditions (we can have interesting rates for this).


Installing Linux on a Mac (work done in Chamonix in our workshop)

In the same way that we can install Windows, Mac computers are also compatible with Linux, so we can proceed in the same way and propose the same 2 types of installations as a Windows on Mac (see precedent paragraph).

This is not very interesting since the Linux and OS X systems are all based on a Unix kernel, however, this may be interesting for Macs that are obsolete, with an older OS X operating system, at all up to date to receive instead A Linux that is still it (we are talking about the Macs approaching 1O years old and still in very good physical condition).

Contact us for more information.

We didn’t write here all the possibilities on the Mac computers.

If you have a question on another work to do, don’t hesitate to contact Easyclix to know if we could do it on your apple computer