Easyclix is a french company, our “entire” document “terms and conditions” is only available in French …

You can consult our page “Conditions Générale de Vente” in French to have the full version,

Here you will have the most important  informations that you have to know before ask for work with us :


For a Computer Repair or IT intervention

Your computer is the property of Easyclix until the bill will be paid entirely

You will sign a document for every computer repairs or computer interventions

You have 45 days to get your computer after the end of the work by Easyclix, if not, Easyclix get the right to get your computer to cover the unpaid bill


For a Web Project (Websites, Apps, etc.)

The project will be written on a document that you have to sign, the project will start after 30% minimum paid of  the project value.

After 100% paid for the project, Easyclix will give you the property of the project, and all the logins and passwords necessary to administrate your project.

Every project unpaid at 100%, Easyclix has the right to stop the project and be paid just with the 30% necessary at the init, without possibility to get in return for you


Thanks for reading these lines ! See you soon at Easyclix’Desk