Easyclix is specialized to create Web softwares for professionnals, perfectly adapted for your work, that could assume all the tasks in your company (in the case that you couldn’t find an existing software in shops or in the Internet).

Our customers in this specialization have contacted Easyclix to build it because they have a special way to do their work, and they prefered build their own software.

The difference is big, because Easyclix develops these softwares like a website, all is online and ready to use on every computers, everywhere in the world, and all your important datas are stored in the Cloud, like that, impossible to loose seomething in your software !

Easyclix purpose to you his Web Software creation service, that include all the creation period in relation with you every week !

These softwares are adapted to work with a big screen, like a PC or a Mac, and they could be used to on iPads with large screens, but not with a Smartphone …

Easyclix has already developed 4 big business apps like that, for professionnals, that are used by 9 differents companies, sometimes with same functionnality between them (recruitment agency,Service companies, business centers, Seller of photovoltaic equipment).

This Web App creation service is purpose everywhere in France of course, Easyclix could come in your company to study your project (with RDV please)

Structured development

During the development, in the source code, Easyclix builds a good algorithmic structure, like that, you could think in the future to make evolutions easily in your software, in the case of modification of your way of work. Your Information System is flex with that solution !

On asking, you could have an Operating Instructions manual delivered by the developper, and all the documentation of your software project.

Easyclix builds your Web App, and could put it on the Internet or directly in your local lan if you prefer, and, if necessary, in the case of an installation on your local lan, we could install for you switches, RJ45 cables, etc.


Web Apps, Softwares in the Cloud

The Apps we make are online, with all time access to your datas, crypted if necessary on the databases, and on the Web Server in https if you want …

They are hosted on OVH servers, in France, on mutual servers, but could be installed to on dedicated servers if you need more speed !

The back-up are done in the Web Server Storage.


Or Web Apps installed on your local lan

Our Web Apps could be installed to on your local lan area, if you prefer,

In this case, we could install a computer that will be a Web Server, and configure it on your private lan.

If necessary, we could be in touch with the professionnals that manage your computer’s park to configure our App on your lan.

A big project like a new Web App for professionnal takes between 3 and 9 months to be developed, it depends the options you want.
The costs are between 5000 and 15000€, but, after development, you will win time during your day-after-day work with the App, and be concentrated on your activity only, you will win between 5000 and 7000€ per year with an App like that because you will optimize your time at work !